According to Coinbase, 55% of New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania voters stated they would be less likely to support a presidential candidate who opposes the Web 3. Hence, the new Coinbase campaign will be in 4 swing states.

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, says it would concentrate its “Stand with Crypto” campaign on four “swing states” where people were found to be less likely to support anti-crypto presidential candidates.

According to a blog post on September 19, the four swing states are New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“Polling in the fall of 2022 showed that in the key states of N.H., NV, OH, and P.A., over half (55%) of voters stated that they would be less likely to vote for candidates who oppose crypto and Web3,” said Coinbase, citing survey data collected in a Morning Consult poll in 2022.

Eight hundred likely voters from the four states were included in the poll that was published in October. In the four states, between 13% and 19% of respondents said they had cryptocurrencies at the time of the survey.

Additionally, according to data from Coinbase, more than 40% of cryptocurrency owners in Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania use blockchain to send money abroad to help family members pay for food, housing, and medical care for much less than banks generally charge with international wire transfers.

The New Coinbase Campaign will Be In 4 Swing States to Promote Cryptocurrency Users

The New Coinbase Campaign will Be In 4 Swing States to Promote Cryptocurrency Users

The “Stand With Crypto” campaign, started in August by the cryptocurrency exchange, has been promoting national crypto legislation for 14 months.

According to Coinbase, the campaign will concentrate on the four swing states, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Wisconsin, which have an “over-index” regarding crypto owners.

“While a growing number of elected officials in Congress are advocating for legislation to regulate crypto and drive progress in the financial system, others are simply choosing to protect the status quo.

Additionally, Coinbase plans to host a “Stand with Crypto Day” in Washington, D.C., on September 27 to promote more significant cryptocurrency innovation and regulation.

The campaign will urge cryptocurrency owners and supporters to contact their representatives in Congress and encourage them to sanction sensible legislation.

“Today, we kick off this effort by rallying the collective energy of the community and taking the fight off X (formerly known as Twitter) and onto the phones.”

“The campaign will encourage crypto owners and supporters to take one minute of their day to call their member of Congress and ask them to pass clear, sensible legislation,” it added.

Despite Coinbase’s denials, rumors exist that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is suing the company for allegedly trading unregistered securities.

The initiative demonstrates the industry’s relentless campaigning in Washington, where it sees a chance to promote legislation that would aid in restraint of the regulator, which has been harshly policing the sector.

In our opinion, having a POTUS (President of The United States) who supports cryptocurrency will be a big win for the ecosystem because the development will drive the adoption and price of cryptocurrency up. Moreover, the number of crackdowns on crypto exchanges and lawsuits by the SEC, which has moved the ecosystem into the bear market, will drastically reduce.

Hence, Coinbase is doing an excellent job by heavily campaigning for a president who supports crypto adoption and regulations. In the end, the campaign, if it sways voters to support a presidential candidate that supports crypto, it would be a win for exchanges, individual investors, and the financial ecosystem at large,