Introduction – What are Coinbase Gift Cards?

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto world. Primarily, Coinbase Gift Cards are digital vouchers that give you a pathway into the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the most exciting manner. They are prepaid cards worth a particular crypto value. Users who purchase Coinbase gift cards can access and use funds on the exchange. In this article, we want to show you where and how you can buy Coinbase gift cards.

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Where to Buy Coinbase Gift Cards

The value of a Coinbase gift card is the value of the dollar. For instance, when you redeem a Coinbase gift card worth $25, you can use it to purchase any crypto on the platform worth $25.

It is pertinent to know that only Coinbase customers based in the United States (aside from Hawaii) can redeem their Coinbase gift cards. Customers from other countries cannot use or redeem Coinbase gift cards.

Coinbase gift cards are available on three significant marketplaces.

  • G2A
  • Eneba
  • CoinsBee


A Comprehensive Guide to Where and How to Buy Coinbase Gift Cards in 2023?

This online marketplace allows users to purchase various items, including gift cards, software keys, online subscriptions for discounted prices, video game keys, etc.

You can buy Coinbase gift cards worth as low as $25 from G2A. Individuals who want Coinbase gift cards from G2A can pay through the following methods.

  • Google Pay
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • WeChat Pay
  • Bitcoin


A Comprehensive Guide to Where and How to Buy Coinbase Gift Cards in 2023?

Another great platform for buying your Coinbase gift cards is CoinsBee. Aside from selling gift cards to interested customers, the marketplace allows users to top up cryptocurrencies using mobile phones. You can top up a wide range of cryptocurrencies from CoinsBee, from Bitcoin to Ethereum and other Altcoins, even the ones with low market capitalization.

CoinsBees sells Coinbase gift cards worth from $25 to $250. After completing your cryptocurrency payments, it will send the information you need to redeem your gift card to your email address.


A Comprehensive Guide to Where and How to Buy Coinbase Gift Cards in 2023?

Like G2A, Eneba sells gift cards, online subscriptions, video game keys, etc. You can buy Coinbase gift cards worth $25, $50 and $100 from the marketplace.  

Furthermore, you can pay for products and services on Eneba through different payment methods, including:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Paysafecard 

Please note that sometimes the prices for Coinbase gift cards on Eneba are slightly more expensive than on CoinsBee and G2A.

How To Redeem Coinbase Gift Cards in 3 Simple Steps

  1. After getting the gift card, head to the Coinbase website on your browser or the Coinbase app on your phone.
  2. After logging into your account, click ‘Add Payment Method’ and choose ‘Gift Card’.
  3. Enter your Coinbase gift card number and the PIN code.

After you enter the gift card number and PIN code, your funds will appear in your Coinbase account dashboard. You can use the funds to purchase any cryptocurrency listed on Coinbase.

Another essential thing to note about gift cards is that you will pay a premium to purchase them despite being convenient.

Hence, if you do not want to pay a little extra to purchase crypto tokens for a loved one, you can send them crypto gifts using Coinbase. This method is an alternative way of sending crypto to your family, friends or others.

How To Send Crypto Gifts with Coinbase

As we mentioned, instead of sending Coinbase gift cards, you can send crypto gifts to people. Please note that the recipient must open a Coinbase account and verify the account.

Follow the steps below to send crypto gifts to another person using Coinbase.

  1. Go to the Coinbase website or log in through your Coinbase mobile app.
  2. Select ‘Send a Gift’ from the top left menu of your dashboard.
  3. Select the crypto you want to send and the amount.
  4. Enter the recipient’s email address (you can add a custom note or image if you wish).

Conclusion – Are Coinbase Gift Cards Safe?

Yes! Sending a Coinbase gift card is safe, and you can choose any platform above to buy your Coinbase gift cards from. Ensure you compare the prices on the three marketplaces listed above at intervals so you can buy your gift card at the lowest available price. In addition, you can pay through any of the payment methods accepted by the various marketplaces.

Sending crypto to loved ones or buying crypto tokens using Coinbase gift cards can be very convenient. However, know you will pay a little premium for them. For instance, you may buy a $25 Coinbase gift card for $28. It means you are paying around a 10% premium fee.

This premium fee is not only applicable to Coinbase gift cards. It is the downside that comes with purchasing gift cards generally. Hence, if you do not want to pay more, you can use other means to send crypto gifts to your loved ones, such as the ‘Send Crypto Gifts’ method on Coinbase.