A few years ago, blockchain apps were pretty much unknown. However, fast forward to today, they have risen in popularity. In fact, some players can earn thousands every month playing games.

P2E games are now available around the world, which is all thanks to the blockchain and crypto gaming guilds organizations. These organizations bring players and investors together, with the purpose of expanding access to crypto gaming. It’s only a matter of time before these types of games become more mainstream.

The First Crypto Gaming Guilds & Clans

group of people depicting Crypto Gaming Guilds

The idea of P2E gaming derived from the concept of factions and clans that made waves in the traditional gaming world. The original guilds are still around. In fact, there are many original guilds around the world that are made up of players that battle each other or team up to play games together.

Guilds started to appear in games such as World Of Warcraft, but those guilds were mainly groups of players that got to know one another through games or were formed by squads of friends. However, guilds started to become more popular and more organized. Today, there are guilds with thousands of members that have an array of goals.

Clans are no longer only found in MMORPG games. In fact, clans are found in various game genres, including first-person shooting games and strategy games. Even more impressive is there are clans in the eSports space, which is where many professional video gamers can be found.

Many factions and clans have their own websites and forums on Discord and other similar platforms. This allows members of the group to discuss strategies, goals, and things of that nature. These days clans are very organized and many of them offer members awards when they achieve specific goals, such as moving up a level or helping clans secure victories.

One of the best things about clans is they add a whole new element to games. A good example of this is the psychology of clans. For instance, if a member of the clan is not doing as good as they should be or they are slacking, then their fellow clan members will likely notify them and try to help them get back to where they were or help them become better.

Another impressive feat of clans is the sense of inclusion among players. Many players actually feel as if they have a sense of purpose and that they belong to a real family. Not many people want to let members of their clan down.

Clans have played a role in helping video games soar in popularity. This is because competitiveness is increased, as well as the interaction side of things. It’s no secret why more and more games have implemented official support for factions and clans.

Call Of Duty is one of the most popular and clan-friendly games around. Players can create clans that can include up to 100 members. When fighting on the same team as their members, they can receive special bonuses.

A few examples of special features include a centralized hub where members can interact, as well as customize emblems that everyone can use. Other special features include Calling Card Frames and a 10% XP boost. This means they can level up quicker.

Entry requirements vary from clan to clan. Some clans want members to be at a certain level of expertise or have a consistent way of doing things or just have consistent performance. Some clans want prospective members to complete various tasks before they officially make them a member of the clan.

P2E Crypto Gaming Guilds: The Rise In Popularity

Clans have played a major role in P2E games’ successes. Think of crypto gaming guilds as the next in line of evolution for original clans. Many popular games do require a major investment, which is why guilds play an important role in P2E economies.

Some games require players to buy an NFT and/or tokens, both of which can be expensive. In fact, players could easily be required to buy NFTs that sell for hundreds. This can be a major barrier for those who don’t have a lot of disposable income.

Hundreds of players gaining more access to games because of crypto gaming guilds. Even those in low-income countries can access games thanks to the guilds. Blockchain guilds are made up of players that are motivated to help other people. Many P2E guilds have created or belong to organizations that are decentralized.

Members that belong to decentralized organizations can perform an array of things. This includes loaning out NFTs and other types of P2E assets. However, in some cases, players that are lent NFTs are sometimes required to split rewards if they receive any. The rewards are split among other members of the gaming guild.

As for revenue models, this varies from one group to another group. Scholars tend to receive most of the revenue, while the rest of the revenue tends to go to the guild’s treasury and guild managers. A good example of this is that scholars in the Yield Guild Games receive 70% of the awards, with 20% of the awards going to its managers and then the treasury receives ten percent.

Crypto gaming guilds not only help players, but they allow investors the chance to generate revenue by renting out their NFTs. A good example is Balthazar, which is a guild that allows investors to access its NFT marketplace. NFTs are listed from P2E games, and investors can choose which asset to purchase.

Once an asset is chosen, Balthazar will find a scholar that will be lent the NFT. This means investors will generate income right away from their NFT. It’s one of the reasons Balthazar continues to grow in popularity.

P2E games have experienced tremendous growth. This is in part due to crypto gaming guilds. In fact, they probably wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are if crypto gaming guilds didn’t exist.

Guilds And Their Convergences

P2E games have garnered a lot of attention, but traditional gaming still dwarfs the industry. One reason for this is that P2E games aren’t as entertaining as games such as Grand Theft Auto, which allows players to immerse themselves in a very large virtual world. Also, the gameplay is far more impressive than games like Axie Infinity, which is actually finding it challenging to retain its players.

However, things are quickly changing and Unreal Engine has played a crucial role in the development of better games. Not only that, but Ubisoft and other big game developers have taken notice. In fact, Ubisoft announced it was minting Digits, which are NFTs that will have their own serial number that can be seen in Ghost Recon, a popular gaming franchise. Players will be able to track who owns these items.

Ghost Recon’s Digits was just a test run. However, it’s only a matter of time before P2E and traditional gaming industries converge. It’s also only a matter of time before popular games start rewarding crypto to their users.

Nicholas Pouard is the Vice President of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations. He indicated that he believes the future of user acquisition lies within P2E guilds. This means eventually crypto gaming guilds could play a major role in the gaming industry.

Pouard Said that guilds will go to developer’s games when a play-to-earn experience is built into the game. He added that your ecosystem will be boosted as a result. He went on to say that the entire community and economy need to be engaged, which is what guilds can help with.

John Stefanidis is the CEO of Balthazar and he shared Pouard’s beliefs. In fact, in a recent blog post, he discussed the comments that Pouard made. He said that many players don’t know how crypto or NFTs work, which is why crypto gaming guilds are perfect. He believes that Ubisoft’s traditional audience can learn a lot about the crypto economy and how it works by joining or becoming familiar with crypto gaming guilds.

Stefanidis said that platforms will come out on top if they make it easy for their players. He said that Ubisoft understands this. He went on to mention that Ubisoft and other gaming developers should work alongside guilds.

The proven recipe for success is gaming guilds. Due to guilds, games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft have achieved great things and they are basically household names. It’s safe to say that gaming guilds will continue to play a crucial role in the growth of P2E games. Crypto gaming guilds will likely become more common as time goes by, and the games they associate with will likely experience tremendous growth.