CyberKongz is a band of 8-bit apes that have recently added an important addition to their collection of over 5000 2D/3D social avatars. Each randomly-generated design now exists completely on-chain as the very first NFT token in existence.

Just over a year ago, a team of pixelated primates arrived on the blockchain to give us all a lesson on how to properly launch an NFT project. CyberKongz nfts exhibited exclusivity, stunning originality, and ingenuity. There is much to respect about a company that can maintain a 63-ETH collection and still maintains a relatively low profile.

But true innovation is an ongoing action, not an achievement, and CyberKongz was quick to take its platform to the very next level. On March 26th, those who already own CyberKongz or BabyKongz may have noticed an extra token available in their wallet. This is a fully on-chain replica of the original NFT that contains CyberKongz DNA.

This addition will allow the owner to maintain ownership of the CyberKongz design indefinitely and provides enduring proof of ownership and proof of concept. Each Kong is non-user transferable, forever connected to the official counterpart, and gasless. In other words, all Kongs are bound to their official NFT counterpart and will always arrive connected, trustless, and decentralized until the end of time.