Popular world athlete David Beckham has announced the release of his very first NFT collection via DigitalBits. The legendary footballer and co-owner of Miami based football club – Inter Miami CF – is joining the virtual world and has major plans for the future.

This collaboration with DigitalBits reveals his plans to use their blockchain technology, which they commonly refer to as the eco-friendly alternative to Ethereum and other blockchains.

This NFT collection by Beckham will cause a massive wave in this sphere and help both parties advance their goals. Beckham is one of the most popular figures in the worlds of sports.

This latest collection has the potential for global recognition

David Beckham NFT Collection ideas

The Future Potential Of David Beckham NFT Collection

Beckham’s brand is huge and goes beyond national or continental borders. He has over 138 million followers on Instagram alone. His engagements are estimated to be worth over 9 billion annually. Moreover, Beckham will also become the global ambassador for DigitalBit’s blockchain ecosystem.

While there is still no set date for the launch of the David Beckham NFT collection, it is expected in the coming weeks. When commenting on this new partnership, David said, “I knew this was a huge opportunity to create new online experiences for my fans. I have always enjoyed playing with the best teams in the world, and I’m very excited to launch my premier NFT collection and more innovations in the future.”

Many popular personalities have entered the NFT space in recent months, and Beckham is just the latest. The former Manchester United player will hope to attract the attention of the over 3 billion people who watch football across the world.