Decentraland blockchain has great news for all comedy lovers. It is going to host its first comedy festival ever, the Metaverse Comedy Festival.

Decentraland Comedy Decentral will host the inaugural festival which will be spread over several days and includes great stand-up shows, NFT giveaways, as well as many more surprises for all participants. As you can expect, there is also VIP access available.

Comedy Decentral announced February 23td until 26th 2022, as the interval for the Festival. The name Comedy Decentral is also a spin on the famous TV channel “Comedy Central”.

Decentraland Comedy Decentral
Image courtesy of decentraland

We don’t have yet all the details for the festival. We only have precise information about the first show, on February 24th, 2022, between 8:00 and 9:30 PM, ET. It’s gonna be a live-streamed session hoasted by John Moses, at St Marks Comedy Club, New York. Organizers also announced the special participation of comedians Ryan Long, Grady Pruitt, JL Cauvin, and Megan Hanley.

All those interested can gather in the virtual space opened to them worldwide by the Comedy Decentral Club. You can stay at your cozy place, yet experience the same atmosphere of any classical comedy club.

Rest assured the entire Decentral comedy show is broadcasted live. There will also be some pre-recorded acts, avatar performances, podcasts, and even a Q&A section, with real-time interaction. Another surprise is the access to exclusive NFTs for all the comedy fans present at the show.

Decentraland Comedy Decentral Track record

Comedy Decentral has already become a renowned premium comedy provider in the entire Decentraland, way before the idea of the Metaverse Comedy Festival even came forth.

The organizers and the entire team of comedians, producers, events organizers, alongside the active fans, create the foundation of a new world of entertainment. The main focus goes to the new extended stand-up loving community, on creativity and the multitude of digital artistic and entertaining tools. Decentraland comedy acts have included, so far, famous names like Kenny Vs. Spenny, Tyler Morrison, and Mark Normand, and have already made the headlines among digital comedy fans.