We have good news from Decentraland. Their newest freshest function is called “My Store” which is part of the Decentraland Marketplace is just one of the numerous features that are about to be presented to all users shortly. “My Store” is all about improving management within the network. It is a consistent part of the intense expansion that Decentraland has planned for the entire 2022.

“My Store” is designed to be a user-friendly addition for many of the management actions within Decentraland. Everything related to assets, personal brand, activity, and progress assessment gets easier now. You could say that My Store is a complex and wide feature that takes into consideration all details that can ease your Decentraland experience.

Decentraland Marketplace

How Feature Will Help Users of The Decentraland Marketplace

The feature assists users in the more efficient management of their assets within the metaverse: you can determine precise categories for each asset, and include them immediately within one of the following types: Wearable Collection (added in time), or LAND (the plots and estates that you own).

Transactions’ management is also enabled. Whether you buy or sell an asset, My Store enables easy analysis of the assets listed for sale, on earnings and royalties. It gives you access to the entire bidding history. These actions apply to both the Polygon and the Ethereum networks.

And this is not all. It also gives you access to the assets’ track record. Everything about their history becomes crystal clear, which furthermore adds to the quality of the analysis over market trends.

My Store helps you attract and convince more customers about the benefits of your online products. It brings the option to give your online customers a taste of what you have on sale. You can convince them through free samples through the personalized cover picture, or through attractive bios that reach their core values and beliefs. You can also come to their aid by sharing links towards their social networks, thus helping them to propagate the essential value.

Expectations are high on all sides with the new My Store feature. Especially for Decentraland users, My Store grants an opportunity to reveal their metaverse talents to an extent that nobody could foresee.