Animoca Brands, a well-known NFT player, is collaborating with hi, a pioneering platform focused to practical cryptocurrency and utility token applications. This strategic agreement allows users to immediately use and earn rewards with specific Animoca Brands tokens. SAND, EDU, APE, REVV, and GMEE are among these tokens, which have tremendous potential for the hi platform, which has a user base of over 3.5 million and one million KYC-ed users as of 2022.

NFT Customised Debit Cards: The Payments of the Future

Last year, he made waves by announcing the world’s first debit card with NFT avatar customization, developed in conjunction with Mastercard. Eligible cardholders will be able to personalise their debit cards with verifiably owned NFT avatars when they are shipped in the third quarter of 2023. Furthermore, users will be able to spend both fiat and digital currencies at 90 million sites worldwide. This one-of-a-kind customisation tool is also intended to help Animoca Brands’ portfolio firms.

Perspectives from Stakeholders and Future Implications

“We eagerly anticipate investing in and collaborating with hi, an organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency realms,” Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, said of the relationship. Our partnership will centre on the advancement of the hi App and Protocol, with the goal of positively impacting the larger Web3 ecosystem.”

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Sean Rach, co-founder of hi, is also upbeat, stating, “hi is honoured to work closely with Animoca Brands, particularly given their extensive experience in supporting early and prominent Web3 ventures.” Our collaboration will surely increase the use of hi’s products and services, hence driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.”

A Promising Synergy for the Growth of the Web3 Ecosystem

The collaboration between Animoca Brands and hi holds enormous possibilities for their mutual growth as well as the broader Web3 ecosystem. It represents a progressive trajectory in which the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds continue to blur. Both organisations are dedicated to defining the future of blockchain technology. With the impending release of the first NFT avatar-customizable debit card and the ongoing development of the hi App and hi Protocol, this cooperation is positioned to have a tangible and long-term impact on the Web3 ecosystem as a whole.