Ducati, the renowned Italian motorcycle designer and manufacturer, has recently made an exciting announcement by launching its very first NFT collection in collaboration with the XRP Ledger. This partnership with Ripple’s XRP Ledger was initially revealed in July 2022, and now, the NFT launch has finally come to fruition.

The inaugural NFT collection, scheduled to be released on July 26, will showcase the iconic Ducati logos used on their motorcycles dating back to 1946. For those interested in obtaining these NFTs, there is a simple process; users must register within 7 days from the launch date to receive their free NFT. Furthermore, users who purchase items from the first collection will gain access to future projects as well.

To facilitate this NFT launch, Ducati has teamed up with Web3 Pro, a company with ties to another esteemed Italian brand, Lamborghini, which also falls under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group. It’s worth noting that Audi, the German automaker, acquired Ducati through their Italian subsidiary Lamborghini, and all these entities are part of the prestigious Volkswagen Group.

Overall, the collaboration with XRP Ledger and the entry into the NFT space represents an exciting new chapter for Ducati, further enhancing their legacy in the world of high-performance motorcycles.