The metaverse is about to transition into a more exciting world through the Megavrse, a world of virtual assistants acting like real humans, very real artificial intelligence avatars, more advanced virtual reality, and so on. 


Where We Are – Metaverse 1.0

The metaverse concept came into the scene for the first time in 1992. That year, Neal Stephenson wrote a science fiction novel, Snow Crash. The book discussed an internet universe where real humans can enter using VR (Virtual Reality) goggles. 

In Stephenson’s book, this internet universe allows users to attend real-time events using computer-generated bodies from the comfort of their homes. In 2018, this theme came into play again with the shooting of Ready Player One. The movie showed that in the future, people would spend more time in the metaverse with friends than in the physical world. 

From 1992 till now, the metaverse has not come close to the original description in Stephenson’s book. What we have now is merely high-quality graphics and dead-eyed avatars. The current graphics of the metaverse and the VR platforms have not been able to provide the kind of virtual immersion experience that the Snow Crash projected. 

In 2022, Meta spent over $10B building a metaverse that Fast Company described as having worse graphic quality than Second Life, an online game that has been around for 20 years.

Kevin Roose also commented about Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse in a Tweet.

Welcome to Metaverse 2.0 (The Megavrse)

The current state of the metaverse has triggered the need for something more. Today, players in Metaverse 1.0 have started getting into Metaverse 2.0. The Megavrse, apart from extended virtual reality and assistants that act like real humans, will provide a good environment for businesses to grow and earn more money by owning digital lands and other virtual assets. 

In addition, it will ensure immutability and triple the quality of the graphics in Metaverse 1.0. The type of graphic standard Megavrse uses will become the standard for eCommerce, events, and gaming virtually. 

Furthermore, the Megavrse will drive the adoption of the virtual world using increased accessibility. Accessing the Metaverse 1.0 requires buying a VR headset. On the other hand, although Metaverse 2.0 will not give free VR headsets, it will make access to the virtual world free. Hence, with the Megavrse, you will gain access to make money and earn tokens without spending any money to get in.

Currently, the Megavrse is pioneering a more realistic and immersive virtual metaverse that supports 10,000 users concurrently. 

Megavrse has partnered with various organizations to raise awareness about its hyper realistic and immersive environment. These organizations include Google, La Liga, Wimbledon Tennis Championship, and Premier League.

Enter the Future and Explore New Possibilities

image of the megaverse

Megavrse aims to deliver the real definition of the metaverse as explained by Stephenson in his book, Snow Crash. The platform recently announced it is selling 9,999 different land parcels. 

The buyers can choose their land placements in any of Magavrse’s 24 islands. The lands are available on the Binance NFT platform, and you can use Megavrse’s AI tool to customize your land to your taste.

To celebrate the beginning of a new metaverse era, the Megavrse has organized a raffle draw where winners will share a $250,000 prize pool.