As Rihanna prepares to bring her cosmetics to the metaverse, many are wondering how this will affect the singer’s vision for her new cosmetic line. Of course, with success in the music industry, Rihanna has built her cosmetic and skincare brand steadily since 2017. Just 4 years later, it was estimated to be worth 570 million.

In 2022 Rihanna filed a new trademark and is now offering cosmetics virtually with her hair care products under the name Fenty.

Her Fenty brand has a huge future and it’s just beginning and has already seen a good level of success. Rihanna has remained hush-hush so far about her new metaverse adoption. However, there’s a chance that she will bring Fenty to Decentraland.

Fenty NFTs Are On The Horizon

With a virtual world at our fingertips, the sky’s the limit for Rihanna as she reaches out to expand her horizons. Perhaps she’ll enter The Sandbox as well since they’ve welcomed other artists such as Paris Hilton and others.

Fenty nft are on the horizon

Rihanna has a mission with Her brand being successful in as many as 1600 stores across as many as 17 countries. She founded Fenty with a mission to cater to all skin tones and skin types and so far, she’s exceeded her own expectations. She hopes to expand even further and create makeup that will inspire everyone. Make-up should feel smooth and silky never like it’s a pressure to wear it. It should make a woman feel beautiful and adventurous.

we don’t know yet how far she’ll go with her Fenty cosmetics line, however, she appears to be optimistic and focused on expanding her cosmetics line to improve the ability of everyone to benefit from it.

While many questions remain, Rihanna appears to have it all lined out and prepared. Many observers are watching to see how Rihanna’s plans unfold with it in her quest to bring Fenty to the Metaverse.