The founder of Silk Road may be behind bars, but that has not stopped him from planning to launch a Bitcoin NFT collection. For those with an interest in history, the mention of the Silk Road conjures up visions of the ancient road that saw silk, spaces, and other goods transported (along with influence) between China and traders in Europe, the Middle East, and East Africa.

But the modern Silk Road was a force on the Dark Web for many years. The illegal site offered far less salubrious goods and services than its historical namesake.

A closer look at the illegal modern version of the Silk Road built a reputation for providing goods that were considerably more damaging. It became a hub for human trafficking for instances well as sales of firearms and munitions – al in exchange for Bitcoin The damage that the Modern Dark Web version of the Solk Road did to the reputation of Cryptocurrencies was almost immeasurable.

In fact, the reputation of Bitcoin and its competitors took such as hit from Silk Road that they are to a certain extent still trying to recover from the reputational damage. Ross Ulbricht was the man behind Silk Road and it is he who is planning to launch Bitcoin-funded NFTs from his jail cell, where he is serving two lives sentences (plus 40 years) without the possibility of parole.

Founder of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht NFT Plans.

By the time the site was shut down in October 2013, it was responsible for millions of dollars in monthly transactions. The collection that his infamous character is trying to launch consists of four physical oil paintings, 5 NFT’s, and 318 hand-drawn frames – all to be purchased using the Bitcoin Blockchain. According to Ulbricht, he has put his ‘heart and soul’ into the collection. However, this is not Ulbricht’s first foray into Bitcoin (as mentioned).

Is Ulbricht a Bitcoin hero – or a villain?

 founder of Silk RoadSet To Launch NFT Collection
The FBI alleges Ross Ulbricht ran the vast underground drug marketplace Silk Road for more than two years.

There can be no arguing that Ulbricht has assumed cult-like status among many players in the NFT space. His first foray into NFTs made use of the Ethereum Blockchain – and netted him a fortune, raising in the region of $6.2 million during an auction in Basel, Switzerland.

It is a source of amazement among many that the winning bid for the NFTs on offer in Basel was from a consortium named “FreeRossDAO.” This organization is dedicated to getting the jailbird back on the streets again.

Whether or not this auction will be as successful as Ross Albricht’s original remains to be seen. It is apparent that he has a head for business, just as it is apparent that should he walk free there is almost no doubt that he would soon return to a model like or similar to the Silk Road.