Lately, many big companies have been trying their chances in the digital world and have started pursuing long-term opportunities in the metaverse. After the Facebook big change into Meta, many others have announced publicly and even launched a series of VR (Virtual Reality) projects.

You might wonder how did the idea of metaverse come on the market. The term was first put on in public in 1992, through the publishing of the novel “Snow Crash”. It is formed of two words, the prefix meta which means transcending, beyond what is apparent, an explicit awareness of oneself. The second term is the universe, thus together they generated a new term that designates the idea of a digital universe which that can be entered only through the state of the art specific technology.

These days we see an accelerated change in our world due to VR. It influences and alters all the aspects of our lives, from work and business to shopping and even relationships and leisure time. That is why no brand, either big or small can afford to ignore the virtual world already opened before us.

Groundbreaking Metaverse Projects from  Meta

Here are some examples of big names that are actively working at building and implementing all the necessary elements for the future of our technologically connected life, as presented by Euronews Next.

Groundbreaking Metaverse Projects


For those of you who don’t know them yet, Tencent is a gaming conglomerate and social media platform, QQ, of Chinese origins. They are currently entering the metaverse as a strong competition for the former Facebook, currently Meta. Specialists are agreeing that this is going to be a tough battle.

The Chinese press reported at the beginning of the year that Tencent has registered a series of metaverse connected trademarks for their social platform. However, the Tencent officials are still expected to do public announcements regarding their virtual projects. Which still hasn’t happened. The company is already collaborating with the gaming platforms Epic Games and Roblox, so nobody has any doubts about their metaverse future projects. Furthermore, they can benefit from a big audience cross-industries, since they have already mastered the mobile payments field.

The downside is current China’s melting on the Internet market, as the launching of the projects might be severely delayed. However, Tencent itself let the public know that the Beijing regime is not against the metaverse as long as it works under their specific regulations.

Roblox Corporation

In November 2021, Roblox, the video game platform announced its new plans inside the metaverse, which have a core focus on their gamers. Their vision is to build up a virtual space where everybody comes together, millions of people, for a complex 3D experience. They include everything, playing, working, socializing, even creating together.


Even fashion brands are more than enthusiastic about the metaverse opportunities and advertising means. They are currently teaming up with the video game platform Roblox and developing a virtual space, Nikeland. The brand is going to present its sneakers and clothing collections here. Nikeland will let users dress up their avatars, they will also have fields, arenas, and special buildings to play and compete. They already announced that after launching the space will be free.


Dyson the home appliance manufacturer has already created Dyson Demo VR. They are generally known on the physical market for their vacuum cleaners. However, in their virtual reality showroom, they let you test some of their multiple home appliances. You can test here, especially their newest hair technologies, like hairdryers, stylers, hair straighteners, right from the comfort of your home.

Aldin Dynamics

This is an Icelandic VR software company currently building a virtual world starting from the game Waltz of the Wizards. Their project intends to let the users enjoy a virtual life where their imagination can express creatively.

Epic Games

They are veterans of the metaverse. They continue with their Fortnite universe and give their gamers access to a new world of entertainment. They can join in parties with other gamers and into a series of concerts held by famous pop stars and singers, like Ariana Grande, for example.


The company Sensorium is building a virtual world called Motion World. It is designed as an underwater virtual space for relaxation, reinvigoration through meditation and other spiritual practices. It also includes performance spaces. Sensorium already has a virtual world, PRISM, dedicated to electronic music performers. This virtual universe is exclusively dedicated, according to Nvidia, to the next-level performances, for the special few.


The American company Nvidia has opened a virtual space called Omniverse. They designed everything to converse into a shared virtual space. It serves to connect 3D words with the metaverse, it creates real-life simulations for constructions and factories. They intend to simulate everything, from factories to plants, everything that is connected to power grids. Their main concern is that the current world doesn’t use simulations enough for the construction field. This immense waste of time and resources can be prevented through multiverse real-life simulations, which they thoroughly develop.


Undergoing massive changes during the COVID-19 years, Microsoft has decided to take the opportunities presented by the virtual world.

Microsoft presented its virtual project named Microsoft Mesh. You only need the HoloLens 2 headset to enter a virtual working space. Your avatar has access to virtual offices and gets in contact with facial expressions, gestures, and personality traits with the others.


We didn’t have any news about Google’s participation in the metaverse. Their officials were so far vague when it comes to these types of projects. They consider that in time the technology and computer world will adjust to the people, rather than vice versa. They envision the times when we will not use virtual reality just in front of an appliance. Computers will become immersive, the technology will represent the surrounding world, they say. Google representatives, however, always show themselves excited about this Ambiental computing (AR) future.


They are also among the silent companies when it comes to their metaverse projects. However, everybody is expecting some new announcements regarding their VR projects.