From their wealth of knowledge and experience, Cryptonauts offers invaluable advice on how to grow a crypto-based YouTube channel.

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and the digital age has given birth to a new breed of influencers who share insights, analyses, and advice on these virtual assets. Among them is Cryptonauts. They are a leading authority on cryptocurrency YouTube channel issues.

Although the phrase “fake news” has been used before, former US President Donald Trump popularized it when he used it as a catchphrase during his presidential campaign. It’s conceivable that the word “fake news” still has some validity to it because it eventually became a meme that defined a whole generation.

There is no social media news outlet that is not immune to reporting errors that happen from time to time in the media. While promoting their work as fact-based, news anchors, journalists, and media organizations have a history of eschewing impartiality and adding their own opinions—or those of their paid sponsors—to their work.

This is now a dilemma that crypto content producers deal with in 2023. The metaphorical “jig” is up, and many investors know that most cryptocurrency-focused content has an ulterior aim of selling a particular coin or, in some circumstances, an unannounced paid sponsor backing the content of the day. Many professional and amateur crypto video producers have informed The Agenda that sustaining and expanding their subscriber base has been brutal this year due to the broader fallout.

The Agenda’s Ray Salmond and Jonathan DeYoung spoke with Nathan Leung, co-founder and host of the Cryptonauts YouTube channel, about the specifics of introducing new people to cryptocurrency on YouTube and how to do so ethically in Episode 22.

Regarding How To Grow a Crypto-Based YouTube Channel, Humanizing is Appetizing

Given that “in times like this, everyone’s like, ‘NFTs are a scam, blah, blah, blah,” Leung told The Agenda that “humanizing” the content is an excellent and effective tactic to distinguish oneself from all the trash.

He also noted:

“Wonderful people are attempting to make digital ownership a reality. In addition, builders are truly organizing hackathons to select the best project. Some actual builders hope that this technology will somehow benefit humanity.”

Leung also emphasized the importance of respecting “the viewer’s time,” highlighting that the goal is to have viewers watch a whole video and not feel like their time was wasted.

“If they’re going to watch our video, we want them to watch it all at least. So, if we feel like it’s not necessary, we don’t want to waste their time either because time is the most valuable currency. So, we try to make it short and sweet.”

He added, “I think many people think that longer videos are better, but you can just save people time, condense it, and make it engaging. It could be two minutes.”

Why Cryptonauts Prefers Organic Growth Over Paid Ads

Cryptonauts Offers 100% Best Advice on How To Grow a Crypto-Based YouTube Channel

While many crypto content creators have been exposed for accepting money under the table to promote other projects’ tokens, Leung says Cryptonauts doesn’t have this issue because they don’t depend on sponsored content for money.

Regarding placing originality and enjoyment over monetizing, Leung said, “We just do what we want and tell the stories we want. We want to tell good stories, make content, and have fun. That’s the most important thing because money can’t buy passion.”

Despite admitting that “people don’t care about crypto” right now, when asked about Cryptonauts’ goals for the future, Leung said that the channel is “really trying to unite the crypto community.”

In conclusion, for those who aspire to make their mark in the cryptocurrency content creation space, the wisdom shared by Cryptonauts is invaluable, offering a glimpse into the future of this exciting digital frontier.