NFTs are apparently here to stay, even as the cryptocurrency market keeps taking hits. The non-fungible token craze has escalated exponentially, to the point where it has actually become a trendsetter, even for the multi-millionaire film industry.

It was usual for NFTs to be built alongside blockbuster premieres or iconic movies from days past, a trend that has been propelled in very recent times by IMAX and AMC theatres. Now, Arad Productions studio (created by Marvel producer ARI ARAD), is in talks with JEROME CHEN, who is known as the co-founder of none other than Sony Pictures Imageworks, and FEATURE (a Web3 production studio), for the purpose of drafting a feature film based on the post-apocalyptic Huxley Ethereum NFT Comics.

Huxley NFT Comics

Huxley NFT Comics

This would be the first time that a major production spawns from a blockchain project, when usually the inverse was the case. This evidences the incredible amount of exposure that non-fungible tokens have been receiving ever since they came to the fore during last year’s crypto bull market.

This move wasn’t totally unexpected though. The creator of the critically-acclaimed Sci-Fi tale, BEN MAURO, has a proven pedigree in cinema, being able to boast about his experiences in movies like The Hobbit or Elysium.

The involvement of Ari Arad likewise lends considerable solidity and wealth to the project. The Israeli-American film producer has an extensive background in the movie business, with productions such as Iron Man, Ghost Rider, and _The Punisher _appearing prominently on his resume.

It’s not been yet revealed when the film is expected to be released, but as we near its much-awaited premiere, fans would be provided with Huxley-themed metaverse experiences to build momentum.

The format of the production hasn’t been disclosed either. The CGI trailers appear to suggest that it will be an animation, though a live-action is not yet totally discarded.