While some people may have been interested in the virtual world idea for a while, most of us are only just starting to acknowledge this game-changing human interaction evolution. Indeed, Facebook changing its name to ‘Meta’ did little to hurt the meta-verse movement; if anything, it helped more people spring into action. 

What is The Metaverse?

It is important to understand that a single virtual world cannot be defined as a metaverse. In fact, the metaverse is an interconnection of various (if not all) virtual worlds. This means that the metaverse is much more than the blockchain, internet, or any other technology propelling it. It is a digital universe where its residents can interact with each other, and share values and data without permission. 

In other words, the metaverse can be thought of as a virtual version of the world that we live in today, containing regions, villages, countries, and even entire continents. While each metaverse space is independent, it contributes in some way to the larger picture.

 In addition, users can delve deeper into this virtual universe, purchasing land plots, creating interactive experiences for other users, and then making money by monetizing those experiences. The metaverse does not have a predetermined narrative or game-play; instead, it is the players who decide what they want to see and create. 

Where to Start Investing In Metaverse Land?

graphics depicting Investing In Metaverse Land
  1. Decentraland:

Driven by the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a VR (Virtual Reality) platform that allows its users to develop, experience, and monetize applications and content. The platform uses the MANA token for all its transactions. Decentraland was made available to the public in February 2020, and users have since developed vast 3D scenes, interactive games, and a number of other experiences on their blocks of land. 

  1. Cryptovoxels:

Cryptovoxels is perhaps the easiest blockchain world to understand and build in. The platform requires no specific hardware or fancy software, and a single click will transport you right inside the virtual world. 

Moreover, you can visit and experience Cryptovexels even without owning any land in the universe. If you do want to invest in , you should know that each parcel of land is an NFT, which means that it cannot be duplicated or recreated. Every land coordinate corresponds to a particular location on the Cryptovoxels map. 

  1. The Sandbox:

The Sandbox allows users to create, own, and monetize gaming experiences through the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. SAND is the native Sandbox token, and is used to reward users and acquire assets. Users can also turn to The Sandbox marketplace if they wish to sell their creations off to other users. 

The platform merges gaming and social elements while offering intuitive features for non-technical users to create high-quality content. 

Final Word:

To conclude, the metaverse promises immersive experiences while also offering plenty of opportunities to earn tangible assets and resources. If you were unclear or confused about the best metaverse lands to invest in, we hope that this brief guide will prove useful to you.