The fascination of the metaverse is seducing more and more people and projects, many of them being names with high resonance. Everybody seems to join this life trend. The fashion giant L’Oreal is the newest high-profile name to enter the multiverse game. And it does this full force.

There is a daring plan for several L’Oreal brands to join forces with the blockchain system. So far L’Oreal has been working on 17 different trademark applications related to the NFT and the metaverse world. Each application is created around an individual brand belonging to the fashion giant, and in each case, we’re talking about a different cosmetic product.

LOreal NFT and Metaverse

Almost every cosmetic category is taken into account, from skincare and beauty products to hair care and perfumery items.

For now, L’Oreal has not made public any specific details, so all the data we have comes from fashion investigators and intermediaries. Everybody started talking about L’Oreal’s applications that focus on avatars and virtual environments, including NFTs and digital products. The metaverse game is said to be a desirable approach for many of their storefronts, all around the world.

Though we don’t have so far any official announcement, everybody in the industry talks about a combination of physical products and digital equivalents. Meaning, L’Oreal intends to cover both worlds with almost their entire product range.

The metaverse world is becoming more and more attractive for all industries, and furthermore so for the dynamic world of fashion and cosmetics. It allows giants like L’Oreal to bring along even more creativity and touch each of their customers’ needs. Such a “beyond-real” world gives the opportunity to directly engineer a structure that doesn’t depend on fixed resources, practicality, or certainties, to take customers on a fantasy world, being at the same time well anchored in the reality of actual beauty and fashion goods.