Not too far from now, the Metaverse will be just like the booming cities and economies we see in our daily lives, bringing with it job and business opportunities. This gives rise to the natural question: how can I make money in the Metaverse?

Ways to make money in the Metaverse would likely involve digital currency but will operate almost exactly like it does in the real world. You can make money through real estate and advertisement, by creating NFTs, fashion, entrepreneurship and even tourism!

1. Making Money Through Real Estate

image showing how to Make Money In The Metaverse

You’d be surprised by how much you can earn through real estate – yes, even in a virtual world! It works very similar to how you’d make money through real estate in real life. The most common method would be to buy property and sell it off later at a higher price, but you can also make income off it in the meantime. Renting or putting up advertisements is also one way to make money.

TIME goes into detail on why so many investors are so keen to invest in Metaverse real estate.

2. Making Money Through Advertisements

Just like any company would rush into a new market, companies will rush into the Metaverse to establish their virtual presence and set up their virtual stores. Naturally, this would be followed by advertising to actually make the sale. With more and more users joining the Metaverse, there is enormous potential for advertising income.

3. Creating NFTs For Income

Though the Metaverse is a work in progress, NFTs have already hit it off in 2021. Forbes describes NFTs as collectors’ items, just that they’re digital. In the Metaverse, you can create anything and turn it into an NFT to sell in the virtual marketplace. From avatars, clothes, equipment and more, you can unleash your creativity in the Metaverse and make money off of it, too.

4. Earning Through Fashion

We all love designing our game avatars, and now we can do that for ourselves in the Metaverse with virtual fashion. Brands like Louis Vuitton are already playing around with the possibilities, but the virtual world doesn’t place boundaries on you. Even if you’re not a fashion designer, you can come up with different things for your avatars and set them up as a clothing line to generate revenue through.

5. Start Your Own Business

Entrepreneurs have it tough in the real world, but according to the Metaverse may just be much kinder to them. Being so new, it is the perfect breeding ground for people who want to start a business. You can open up a store in any industry at all; the only limit would be your own imagination. 

6. Make Money Through Tourism

The pandemichas forced us all indoors, but soon, we’d be able to get all our travel and tourism done through the Metaverse. The new virtual tourism industry will give rise to new job opportunities, like travel agents and tour guides – just how it is in real life!

To find out more about how to earn money in the Metaverse, this video goes into detail on the topic.