What will the metaverse really will be like? Will it really be as wild and versatile as some experts are claiming it might? Can the metaverse really deliver on the pre-launch hype?

Possibly, but some aspects of the metaverse may be decidedly normal. Based on a series of trademark applications recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it turns out you’ll be able to get a Big Mac and fries delivered to your door, straight from the metaverse.

McDonald's Enters the Metaverse

The notion may seem fanciful, but the trademark applications are very real. McDonald’s is bent on joining the virtual reality frenzy, with the applications covering “virtual food and beverage products.” They also include non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will make it possible for a virtual online restaurants to feature home delivery. There will also be trademarked events and entertainment services, all of which will no doubt be heavily marketed under both the McDonald’s brand, not to mention McCafe.

It’s not exactly standard procedure for a patent lawyer to summarize the potential metaverse experience, but that’s exactly what attorney Josh Gerben did when he explained that you don’t even have to put down your headset when you get hungry in the metaverse.

“You walk into a McDonald’s and place an order,” he said. “It arrives at your door a little while later.”

As simple as that sounds conceptually, none of this will be happening immediately. The USPTO is expected to approve the trademarks, but the review process usually takes approximately 8-9 months.

As innovative as the concept is, McDonald’s isn’t exactly at the forefront in taking this approach. Panera Bread recently applied for a trademark for a “Panaverse,” which also includes virtual entertainment services along with a VR reward program.

The bandleader in all this, of course, is Facebook, which announced last year that it would be changing its company parent name to Meta in order to create a virtual reality world where members can work and socialize together. Not to mention spend money and buy products.