McLaren Automotive has announced plans to build an NFT marketplace where it will offer exclusive experiences for buyers of digital assets.

The UK-based luxury carmaker will mint non-fungible tokens of its luxury supercars, and ownership of those NFTs will grant individuals access to exclusive experiences. The carmaker is working with InfiniteWorld, a metaverse infrastructure provider, to launch the marketplace.

McLaren NFT

McLaren Automotive is a member of the same family as McLaren Racing, the Formula 1 racing team. The F1 team is launching a separate NFT platform, which will operate on the Tezos blockchain, a chain known for its relatively low fees and high performance compared to some of the other NFT and De-Fi platforms.

InfiniteWorld announced plans to go public in December, as part of a $700 million merger with a Aries I Acquisition Corp. The new company will be listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker JPG.