For any individual who has been involved in the crypto community, the metaverse in barely a new concept. This is an addition to the digital lives we are leading and something we have been moving closer to on a yearly basis. However, in recent months the metaverse has taken on a different understanding. This is mainly due to Facebook rebranding itself as Meta. 

In the blink of an eye, the public’s understanding of the Metaverse changed. many people now consider the metaverse a place where large companies are going to compete for our attention, much like they do today through television ads and the internet. However, it is believed that the metaverse is going to be an object that is able to unify humanity in ways never before experienced. 

This is one of the reasons we are creating ArtMeta. This is a metaverse that has been designed as an area for artists and art connoisseurs from around the world to meet about fine art. It is where famous galleries will have the opportunity to show off incredible collections to individuals who would of otherwise never had that opportunity. Let’s take a deeper look at our project and see why it fits in so well with the concept of the metaverse. 

A Digital World 

In order to design a metaverse that would house fine art, we realized that it would be important to create an environment that evoked a feeling of the environment in which the art styles appeared. We decided to create a metaverse based upon a gorgeous city situated on an island. The city was created by the highly talented artist, Jonathan Delachaux along with the assistance of Romain Donnot, a digital artist and DI specialist. This has been an 11-year process in which Delachaux has worked with numerous specialists including a biologist, geologist, and volcanologist to ensure the island was congruent with nature. 

The design is a photorealistic blend of various styles drawn from famous art exhibitions from around the world. As you move through it, you will feel as though you are traveling gh Soho, Art Basel, Venice Biennale, and Documenta in a single round. Additionally, this city will be open to all visitors. You will not find any pop-ups or locked doors in this virtual city. In fact, there’ll be indoor and outdoor exhibits for everyone to enjoy. 

However, this is much more than just a metaverse. This is going to be a comprehensive platform that allows artists and galleries the ability to participate in the incredibly thriving NFT market. It is through these tools that we plan to combine the world of crypto currency and fine art with a viable digital currency which will support them in perpetuity. In addition to this, the project has brought on Roger Haas is the CEO, who already has a prominent stance in the art world. 

How Artists Will Be Able to Participate In The ArtMeta 

Artists will be able to use ArtMeta as a valuable technical resource that enables them the opportunity to bring their work into a digital domain. In order to accomplish this, we will allow artists for access to NFT resources and teams. This will help the artist through financial and developmental services by creating high quality NFTs of their work. 

They will be able to sell their physical artwork as well as NFTs to individuals through the ArtMeta marketplace. This is going to be an incredible opportunity for artists to get their work in front of an audience that is looking to purchase fine art NFTs. This is going to offer artists a new and viable source of income. 

How Galleries Will Be Able To Participate in Metaverse Art

Established art galleries will be able to participate in the ArtMeta in a number of various ways. Firstly, they will be able to establish a virtual gallery in the metaphor’s that will allow a visitor to tour their current collection. Additionally, they’ll be able to set up a shop to sell tokenized artwork and NFTs to the visitors, which will ultimately expand their fundraising abilities to the world. 

This will be one of the main ways in which art galleries will be able to gain access to the growing NFT artwork space. This is going to be a gamechanging situation for art galleries of all sizes. This is a sector that has seen incredible growth, upwards of $2 billion in quarterly transactions. This is believed to be the next big frontier for the art world, and our goal is to help galleries gain the initial traction and serve as a guide on this incredible new journey. 

The Trusted Launch Partner 

It should come as no surprise that given a large project such as ArtMeta off the ground is not going to be easy. This is one of the reasons we have partnered with TrustSwap, to help ensure this is a successful launch. 

Between public and private fundraising, we expect to raise upwards of $3 million in an effort to support the prelaunch tasks. Some of the funding will be used to purchase art from various galleries from around the world. This collection will be used to create engagement through gamification for early token holders. 

Afterwards, we will begin to seek out more galleries to help populate the ArtMeta metaverse. We also plan to work with several auction houses to participate in a number of art cells that will further animate the metaverse. 

The first IDO was held on December 18th, 2021 on TrustSwap’s Launchpad and had intended to raise $750,000. However, this event was oversubscribed by over 1000%, which would lead to a total pledge amount of $7.8 million. Who would then hold a second offering of a Polkastarter IDO, which will take place on January 27, 2022. This event would feature 15,000 sign-ups on the white list, with the goal of $500,000 which was reached in an incredibly short time. 

A New Fine Art Era 

Artists will be able to use ArtMeta as a valuable technical resource

We truly believe that the Artmeta metaverse is going to be a bold new era in the fine art world. Collectors, artists, and galleries for life are going to have a new medium in which they can explore. It is through this exploration that they are going to expand their cultural impact and reach beyond traditional borders. We’re excited to see this world come into existence and cannot wait to share it with everyone. We look forward to seeing you in our virtual city when it is available. Once you arrive, you are going to have the opportunity to immerse yourself into a world created with no limits or boundaries.