The days of wasting hundreds of hours on a game and receiving very insignificant rewards are over, thanks to NFTs and blockchain technology. A new play to earn game offers NFTs linked to physical items like gold.

The console arrived first, followed by the PC (Personal Computer). Soon after their release, smartphones completely changed the entertainment sector by enabling users in developing nations to access free-to-play games.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology are bringing in the next wave of innovation. In the past, in-game items were not allowed to be openly traded, sold on secondary marketplaces, or moved from one game to another.

This is made possible by Web3, allowing enthusiastic participants to be recognized and compensated for their efforts. The days of investing several hours into a game only to receive tiny rewards are ending.

Of course, there are obstacles to be cleared first. According to a “2022 research” published by the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), industry experts identified complex onboarding and subpar gameplay as the primary obstacles preventing widespread adoption. Gamers should have an intuitive UI (User Interface), entertaining plots, and captivating avatars.

Additionally, the experience must go beyond commercialization, guaranteeing much more to offer than NFTs.

The FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project fills that need. It has released a new game that promises to elevate play-to-earn gaming by allowing players to participate and win free gold eggs.

The New Play To Earn Game- Golden Egg Wonderland

The beginning of Golden Egg Wonderland tells the tale of Turtlen, a painter who imagined a bird with the ability to lay a golden egg and produced colorful paintings of birds. One of his sketches appeared to come to life out of nowhere.

New Play To Earn Game Offers NFTs Linked to 100% Physical Items Like Gold

Players can raise their own “turtori” in this game and create a collection that can breed with each other. Turtoris’ more incredible rarity and status increase their likelihood of dropping golden egg NFTs, and in a unique twist, players can exchange them for their counterparts in the real world. A talented up-and-coming artist named Kamerian illustrated each figure.

To begin gameplay, users must first create a FRUITS Wallet. Players can buy FRTS Coins with the FRUITS Wallet in addition to having access to games. Gamers have an increased chance of obtaining higher rarity birds by exchanging these coins for blue diamonds. The likelihood that a bird will lay a golden egg and the possibility that it will be significant increases with its rarity and prominence.

The creators of Golden Egg Wonderland are confident that their venture will potentially launch a new gold market if it succeeds. Although gold is infamously tricky to carry and move, NFTs backed by this precious metal can be possessed, bought, sold, swapped, and redeemed digitally.

The ecosystem works with an Artificial intelligence (AI) that will decide how many golden eggs will be given out in the game each month based on the amount of gold produced in the real world. Each prized Golden Egg NFT will also be given a unique serial number for utmost transparency and security.

Thanks to the blockchain, this gives the game an intriguing economic component and creates the possibility of blending the virtual and physical worlds.

The creators of Golden Egg Wonderland are opening a stand at the Blockchain Expo in Tokyo on October 25 to gain global attention. The initiative intends to work with well-known sportsmen, artists, musicians, and fighters to support the “turtori” concept.

In our opinion, this is another milestone achievement for the GameFi (Gaming Finance) ecosystem. We can now enjoy real-world rewards by playing games on the blockchain network. We believe this move is in a positive direction to how blockchain and cryptocurrencies will keep changing the way we live, play, and interact with one another.