The Sandbox metaverse world is preparing to introduce the first MetaReal Mansion. It is not as abstract as it sounds, and it represents the first collaboration between One Sotheby’s International Realty and Voxel Architects, alongside the famous Gabe Sierra, the NFTs collector.

The project includes selling an actual mansion which also has a digital version in the Sandbox metaverse. We could say this is a project mirroring within two worlds, the physical one and the virtual one. However, the auction procedures will be just like in any typical auction, the only difference is that the transaction shall take place on the blockchain, the Ethereum currency, to be more specific.

Although we haven’t been officially announced the starting price, we know for sure that the procedures will take place in 2022, and it is planned to be accomplished by the end of the year.

The auction for the physical mansion shall be conducted by the One Sotheby’s representative, Michael Martinez. This property has a surface of a total of 11,000 square feet surface, in a famous area in Miami. The huge house includes seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Its virtual version is a perfect replica of the physical one, created by Sandbox’s Voxel Architects.

Sandbox NFT technology screen shot

The collector Gabe Sierra believes that this virtual counterpart is an efficient extension of the physical property which allows the new owner to invite guests, organize events and parties with people participating from all over the world.

The virtual property concept is not new at all, however, it is the first double property, with both physical/ digital counterparts, included and sold by the Sandbox multiverse. So far all types of virtual properties have been sold for impressive amounts: commercial spaces, conference rooms, art galleries, meeting spots, and even homes. Sandbox metaverse has been intensely collaborating with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg, with the purchase of such digital spaces as well as for organizing and hosting metaverse parties and NFT exhibitions.