A new partnership has been announced between the tech giant Samsung and NFT platform Nifty Gateway. The goal is to forge a partnership where there is a smart TV NFT platform set up. This is going to make it possible for users to access the NFT marketplace through Samsung’s platform. This includes going through the different art collections, purchasing them in one place, and then using that digital art.

NFTs Through Samsung’s Smart TV

The idea is to have a Nifty Gateway setup through all of the 2022 Samsung TV models including the Neo QLED TV and QLED TV. Nifty Gateway will also offer a separate app for the MICRO LED TVs and The Frame. Users will have the chance to choose from over 6,000 pieces of digital art.

Duncan Cock Foster states that Nifty Gateway is looking to spread the idea of NFTs worldwide through Samsung’s reach and also wants to empower customers when it comes to the buying, selling, and/or storing process. The goal is to have an experience that is unique and powerful through Samsung.

Samsung NFT example mockup

Samsung NFT Newfound Partnership

NFT platforms are all the rage and it is important for Samsung to get out in front of this by building a strategic partnership. This is why the company has taken the opportunity to implement NFT TV integration through its platform. This is a unique and industry-altering announcement that showcases Samsung’s willingness to try new things and better understand the blockchain world. In the past, Samsung has spent time giving out NFTs as a way to celebrate its device including the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy S22 smartphones.

The partnership is going to be useful for Samsung users as it will make sure all digital art is verified once it is accessed. NFTs that are going to be minted through Nifty Gateway will go through a comprehensive verification process to make sure customers get what they are on the hunt for.

Samsung log on building

The partnership also makes it possible for users to integrate their devices with the Omnibus wallet. This ensures that all of their NFTs are kept in one secure place. The payment options will also vary to include credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and debit cards.

Nifty Gateway is noted for being a comprehensive platform that makes buying, storing, and/or selling digital art a breeze. The professionals behind this platform are Griffin and Duncan Cock Foster and believe this is a great way to change the world for the better when it comes to digital art.

The platform has also integrated the Metamask wallet for those who want to use it. They also provide a free NFT advisory program for those who want to dip their toes into the market.