The Sandbox is taking huge strides to move away from the Ethereum Mainnet by adding Sandbox Polygon Staking to its metaverse empire. From now on, all Sandbox users can stake $SAND $MATIC pairs to take a part in the staking pool.

The addition became active in December 2021 and Investors can now acquire a share of the allocated funds, on a weekly basis. They have the chance to use LP pairs (Liquidity Providers) to make this move. The sooner, the better.

As we already told you, the first weeks come with the best early bird offer. Each week users have the chance to get a share of 500k. After this first opening month, the number open for users each week will diminish to only 300k. So, the first to come have a good chance at getting themselves a good deal.

How Sandbox Polygon Staking Works

The procedure is simple enough. First, you have to be a Sandbox platform user. Then to qualify as a participant at Polygon staking, you must acquire $SAND tokens in the network. The third step involves the generation of $SAND – $MATIC Liquidity Provider pairs (LP).

Sandbox Polygon Staking UI screenshot

To do this you have to download and use the Quickswap application. Now, you are ready to start navigating the Sandbox stalking pool and contribute as you see fit. The rewards are distributed monthly. The revenue is proportional to each user’s participation, during this one-month interval.

Yet, the project doesn’t stop here. The plans for the future include a bridging option between other networks. Although for the time being you have to buy the $SAND tokens only from within the Polygon network, the long-term plan is to create a connection between Polygon and Ethereum networks. Thus users will have it easy transferring $SAND tokens from one to the other as they seem fit.