It’s announced and it’s happening right now. The once previously bored Ape artist Mig’s Sneaky Vampire Syndicate has released its second NFT collection. It comes with over 12,000 female vampires and over 8,000 male vampires from the first collection. Every vampire is located somewhere in the lair. It’s all happening in the metaverse, far from the dangers that sunlight can bring and away from those pesky vampire hunters.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Vampire NFTs
Image courtesy of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

In the month of September of last year, Mig got her team together with Superand, a group of highly qualified engineers who dabbled in cryptocurrency, to release the collection of 8,888 boy vamps. On opensea, it produced an outstanding amount of 21,000 ETH in trade. With that come to its female equivalents, the beautiful vampire girls came around right after Gen 1 vamps sold themselves out.

Female inclusion is important to foster with the new collection, and it will certainly see a fair share of representation in the NFT arena. SVS is often stated to be one of the more risk free endeavors for those who are new to collecting. Because of this, it should appeal to the girls who are new to this type of trading.

There’s a plan for eight female artists to get together to produce eight unique sneaky vampiress NFTs. Getting them launched will showcase their talent.

Our Thomas Kekker Project Lead at SVS, stated:

The Genesis SVS NFTs couldn’t have been more of a success. We haven’t lost a foothold in the game when it comes to making more. Since the beginning of it all, we’ve built this around bringing people up and creating a great environment for them. The release of the vampiress will certainly help grow our ecosystem. Things are certainly going in the right direction.

A blood pact breeding mechanism is coming that couldn’t be possible without female vampires. We may see some serious breeding between vampires and vampiresses NFTs in the near future. It all circles around the $BLOOD coin. When we bet NFTs, it’s possible to have three $BLOOD tokens lost.

The (SVS) or Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is a project that has separated from NFT and comprises two separate collections. Remembering that there are over 8,000 male vampires in gen 1 and over 12,000 female vampires in gen 2, we’ll see quite a bit of diversity. Each vampire has its own traits and comes with unique emotions Mig. We’ve created a company that understands community growth, ongoing innovation, and fairness of trade.

Understanding the Rise of NFTs Collections

JP Morgan has concluded that the market may see an NFT ecosystem that might be valued as high as $7 billion by 2022. Everyone is making money off the assets included in this market.

NFTs happen to be unique in nature. Because of this, their market value is just as high as their desirability. Contrasting with the other cryptocurrencies, there are no substitutions when it comes to NFTs.

Jefferies expects the NFT market value to climb to new heights as it could be a $50 billion dollar industry or more within the next two years. After all, the first 5,000 days sold for $69 million at its height. Will we see the same with these NFTs?