Snoop Dogg is undisputedly the celebrity NFT OG who has never shied away from getting in on the ground floor. 

For example, back in May 2013, when Instagram had just around a 100 million users (it now has over a billion users), Snoop Dogg introduced Snoopify. This was a photo sharing and editing application that allowed users to attach Snoop-inspired stickers to their pictures.

This is not the only example that highlights Snoop Dogg’s uncanny ability to put money on the right horse. In 2014, he became part of a $50 million investment round for Reddit – this round placed the company’s value at $500 million. As of August 2021, Reddit was valued at $10 billion. 

Snoop Dogg – the Celebrity NFT OG:

Snoop dog The Celebrity NFT OG

Now, Snoop Dogg has focused his attention to the lucrative universe of NFTs. If you have been following the rapper’s NFT interests over the last year or so, his decision to convert ‘Death Row’ into an ‘NFT Label’ would hardly be surprising for you. 

One of Snoop Dogg’s very first NFT sales was executed almost exactly a year ago, which saw ‘Death Row’ – a digital artwork of its own kind – selling for more than a $100,000. 

In September of last year, Snoop Dogg revealed that he was going by the alias ‘Cozomo de’ Medici’ – an anonymous NFT art collector who, at the time, owned a digital collection with a value of more than $17 million. 

Snoop Dogg’s next step was to join hands with the metaverse gaming platform called ‘The Sandbox’. Through this collaboration, Snoop Dogg started selling the ‘Snoopverse Early Access Pass’ – users possessing this pass could access every Snoopverse experience before it became available to the general public. 

The Snoopverse is the rap legend’s own universe in The Sandbox, and, only 5,000 passes allowing early access to this metaverse, were created. The cost of a single pass is $1,685.25 and, as per The Sandbox, 1,012 passes have already been sold. In other words, the Early Access Pass sales have fetched more than $1.7 million so far. 

However, Snoop Dogg’s jackpot was yet to come: early in February 2022, Snoop sold ‘Stash Box’ NFTs worth more than $44 million, for his newest album called B.O.D.R. Snoop Dogg released 10,000 units of this limited edition NFT, and was able to generate this revenue in less than a week. 

A couple of weeks later, Snoop Dogg released his latest crypto-related NFT, once again through The Sandbox platform. This time, it was ‘the Doggies’ – a stack of 10,000 Snoop Dogg Avatar NFTs that were generated programmatically. 

People owning this avatar could enjoy access to their own virtual concerts and concepts, and also play a number of games. A single ‘the Doggie’ NFT costs 150 SAND – the digital currency used in The Sandbox metaverse. 

Final Word:

“We on the cusp of a digital revolution – come and get it”, was Snoop Dogg’s tweet about NFTs, back in December. Considering how accurate Snoop Dogg’s predictions have been in the past, it would be unwise to ignore his prophecies regarding NFTs.