CoinGecko, the premier blockchain data aggregation platform, has recently added an extremely valuable collection tracker to its suite of NFT products. This new tool allows users of both the website and the app to carefully follow famous NFT collections of interest, making it easier to keep up with the latest advancements in the NFT area. Here’s how to use this cutting-edge NFT tracking tool!

CoinGecko users can now easily keep track of crucial parameters such as floor price, market cap, number of owners, and trading volume of various NFT collections with the latest edition of the NFT collection tracker.
The collection tracker is based on CoinGecko’s existing NFT floor price tracking tool, and it provides users with a detailed and informative price history analysis for each NFT collection from its inception to the present. Furthermore, it displays the price in the native token and the corresponding USD value at the time.

Whether an experienced NFT collector or a curious newbie, the CoinGecko NFT Tracker allows you to remain current on your favorite or most talked-about NFT collections, simply connecting to your CoinGecko account and clicking on the star icon labeled ‘add to NFT portfolio’ will allow you to add a selected NFT collection to your portfolio. Then, in the navigation bar, go to ‘Portfolio’ and click ‘My Portfolio.’

CoinGecko continues to provide essential tools for following the success of key NFT collections as the NFT market evolves rapidly. The newly integrated portfolio tracker makes it simple for users to keep track of the important tokens, allowing for a seamless NFT experience for enthusiasts and newbies alike. You can stay ahead in the NFT world by utilizing this powerful tool and making informed decisions regarding your NFT investments.