From investors and speculators, to mere members, a number of different entities are part of a crypto community. And, where there is a community, you need a community moderator who has a 360-degree view of every community activity, and can effectively oversee engagement between members. 

However, engagement moderation is just one of the tasks performed by a crypto community mod. They are also responsible for ensuring harmonized and coordinated communication between customers and investors. In addition, they also work to come up with strategies that improve the project ROI (Return on Investment) for the blockchain organization that they work for. 

The good thing is that becoming a crypto community mod does not require any significant technical skills.  

The Life of a Crypto Community Moderator:

Roles and Responsibilities:

Crypto community moderation/management is fast becoming a legitimate practice for pretty much every ICO (Initial Coin Offering). From a strategic point of view, effective community management is a vital prerequisite for the success of a project. 

Through community management, the development team can engage with investors, vendors, and members. It also enables the developers to educate these different entities about their core services and preferences. 

Below are some of the roles and responsibilities that are generally associated with a crypto community moderator:

  • Creating and distributing crypto tutorials (this is particularly important during the initial phases of the project)
  • Moderating member behavior
  • Monitoring community engagement
  • Strategizing for influencer collaboration and marketing
  • Collecting feedback 
  • Sharing unique and engaging feedback across multiple social media channels 

The next question is about the platforms that a crypto manager will be responsible for moderating. Being a community mod, platform moderation is going to be one of your most important responsibilities. Every platform – such as Discord, Vanilla, and Higher Logic – is different in nature, which means that the moderation tasks associated with each platform will also be vastly different. Hence, a crypto manager should have the experience and knowledge needed to effectively manage multiple community platforms. 

What Kind of Personality and Skills Should a Crypto Community Mod Have?

Since the crypto and blockchain world is such a dynamic one, a community moderator should be open to learning and expanding horizons. Since a moderator’s job primarily involves communication and dealing with people, they should be excellent verbal and written communicators. Ideally, a mod should have an upbeat and vibrant personality, and a strong sense of humor along with a willingness to use it. 

While communication and technical skills are important, even more important is the desire to keep learning and improving. Being friendly is also essential, since you will be spending your days (and nights) interacting with people. 

How to Become a Crypto Manager:

A crypto community manager is responsible for the organization’s communication and engagement strategy, through online communities. 

This means that a crypto community mod is well-versed in cryptos and blockchain technology. They understand the fundamentals and processes involved in ICO, and are aware about the industry and its various ups and downs. 

If you want to become a crypto manager and are wondering how to go about it, the following tips might be helpful:

  1. Understand and Learn About the Field:

Knowledge is the key that will help you unlock a role as a crypto community moderator. Being a community moderator means being able to effectively respond to people’s queries and confusions, and will also involve exploring new engagement ideas. To be able to offer accurate answers and solutions, you should have a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. There are plenty of crypto communities that will help you enhance your knowledge and understanding about this space, including Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and Blockchain Community. 

  1. Understand the Responsibilities:

A good understanding of the operations of a crypto community will help you settle in to your role as a moderator. Make sure that you are clear about the responsibilities you will be fulfilling as a moderator for a blockchain-specific community. 

  1. Increase Your Technical Knowledge:

 A good crypto community moderator is well-informed about the world of digital marketing and how this industry functions. Succeeding in this role will require latching on to any opportunity to understand the crypto space, as well as community management in general. Through community management, you will be able to observe member behavior, and plan your actions based on your community’s needs and requirements.  

Final Word:

By 2023, the blockchain and crypto industry is expected to be worth $23.3 billion, and community moderators will play a key role in this growth. We hope that this blog helped you understand more about a crypto community manager, their roles and responsibilities, and how you can become one yourself.