The Sultanate of Oman has opened a new cryptocurrency mining facility complete with hydro-cooling, the second such establishment in the nation in the last ten months. The facility is the newest eco-friendly crypto mining center with hydro-cooling technology worldwide.

In the Salalah Free Zone, a special economic zone in the nation with low business taxes, a data hosting and cryptocurrency mining facility has reportedly opened, according to a local publication, the Oman Daily Observer. In collaboration with Dubai-based blockchain company Moonwalk Systems, a local business called Exahertz will manage the facility.

The mining facility is a component of a strategy to hasten Oman’s economy’s transition to digitalization, which is currently mainly based on oil exports. The first mining facility costing 150 million Omani rials ($389 million) launched in November 2022. Business owners in the nation paid 0.064 rials ($0.166) per kilowatt hour for power in 2022.

On July 27, the Omani government published a consultation document on a national crypto framework. The framework may mandate that companies that offer digital assets open an Oman-based office. Additionally, it might require them to audit secured assets, retain fewer assets in hot wallets, and provide evidence of reserves.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Minister, Eng Said Hamoud al Maawali, recognized Afaaq for Advanced Technologies for creating new data centers. He claimed it was “a leading player in the data hosting and processing sector, and we are confident it will be a valuable asset to Oman’s digital economy.”

Bitmain Technologies

See the Newest Eco-Friendly Crypto Mining Center with Hydro-Cooling

Bitmain Technologies, a leading Chinese manufacturer, built the hardware systems and machines in the facility. Bitmain is renowned for producing powerful computers utilizing hydro technology as a cooling solution. Given the heat Bitcoin mining machines generate, employing water as a cooling solution has proven effective in maintaining temperatures at their ideal levels.

The center will allegedly use the most recent Bitmain Technologies hardware and cost 135 million Omani rials ($350 million), with ambitions to install 15,000 computers by October 2023. According to the source, it is now running under a test program with 2,000 machines online and 11 megawatts of electricity consumption.

This significant investment in data hosting and crypto-mining facilities supports the nation’s goal of creating jobs for its citizens while establishing it as a top location for regional Bitcoin miners.

According to Eng Al Maawali, the new crypto-mining facilities are a “major milestone” in Oman’s journey toward digital transformation. The centers will, he maintained, “help to accelerate the growth of our digital economy and create new opportunities for Omanis.”

The Pilot Phase

See the Newest Eco-Friendly Crypto Mining Center with Hydro-Cooling

However, the facility is currently in a pilot phase. Sam Ferdos, CEO of Moonwalk Systems and a Strategic Partner of Exahertz International, claims that to improve performance and forge a more sustainable future, the data centers must undergo a pilot phase that tests and evaluates the surrounding environment.

With current plans to build three more locations in Salalah and one in Al Jabal Al Akhdar in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, the outcomes of this pilot phase will guide the establishment of future facilities.

In conclusion, many individuals are concerned about how mining cryptocurrencies can damage the ecosystem. However, Oman’s unique project, which cools things down using water, demonstrates that there is a method to achieve this without harming the environment. This project could serve as a model for others to follow and strengthen the economic feasibility of the crypto market.