The Sandbox Expansion is underway as unveiled plans that they are now expanding their metaverse. Sandbox is one of the most exciting metaverse projects to emerge recently and with many people looking to buy LAND in their world they are now adding a new neighborhood for us to explore.

This new expansion to their LAND comes in the form of an entirely new theme called Mega City which is based on the culture and pizzaz of the city of Hong Kong! WIth this expansion brings a bunch of influencers in entrepreneurship, arts, and entertainment on board to curate new digital assets and amenities. These influencers have also each purchased large plots of land in Mega City to support the new expansion.

Image courtesy of the sandbox

There will be brand new games, events, and experiences created by these brilliant minds. They will also add new functionality and ideas to the metaverse to make it a more immersive experience. Times Capital, Stephen Feng, Shu Qi, Little Fighter, Adrian Cheng, and Doughboy are a few of the names the roster to flesh out the Hong Kong esque LAND development. It’s really amazing the amount of diverse talent they have brought on board to help with this project.

Hong Kong is a very high tech city of the future and Mega City will emulate this spectacularly. Any technologically advanced voxels you can think of will be present including flying robot dinosaurs, futuristic metropolises, and flashy metaverse wear!

There’s a huge LAND sale going on as well that started January 13. You’re not too late and you can still participate in the auction for 3×3 , 6×6, and 12 x 12 Mega City estate LANDs on NFT markets such as

The Sandbox Expansion map

The Sandbox Expansion Milestones

Here’s some of the LANDs that were released:

  • 95 Premium
  • 61 Standard
  • 7 estates are up for auction

Premium LANDs are located next to influencers or major objects of interest and standard LANDs are located elsewhere on the map. A ton of fresh NFTs that the talented influencers mentioned above have also been minted.