The Sandbox MacOS marketplace is now available, giving Apple users the opportunity to participate in the Alpha and make their first foray into the metaverse.

MacOS users can now sign up to the Sandbox server, experiment with this voxelated virtual world, and have the chance to win a share of 1000 $SAND in the current contest. Joining is easy, simply head over to The Sandbox homepage, and follow the links to create an account, set up the client (bypassing any prompts from MacOS) and make your avatar.

When the next season of The Sandbox Alpha launches, account holders will be able to take part in the game’s puzzles, explore the virtual worlds, and enjoy a whole new set of metaverse gaming experiences. This online gaming experience with a difference gives gamers the chance to win digital currency and some epic NFT prizes.

The developers hope this “play to earn” experience will open up the world of online gaming to a whole new audience of MacOS users who might not have experimented with games before. Join the Alpha today to reserve your avatar and unlock a whole new experience of virtual worlds.