Since the EPL started in the 1990s, it has grown in leaps and bounds and become one of the most lucrative and successful football leagues across the world. In many ways, the EPL has revolutionized how football is managed globally. One of things that the EPL is renowned for is innovation – and as it is, the EPL is set to lead other European sports leagues in the adoption of Web3 technology.

The EPL is one of the ‘Big 5’ European football leagues with the rest being the Spanish LaLiga, Italian Serie A, French League 1, and, the German Bundesliga. European football leagues have a high layer of competition such as the Champions League, Europa League and the Conference League – all of which are controlled by UEFA – Europe’s football governing body.

In the past few months, many teams and sports leagues across the world have started dabbling with Web3 technology. The absence of major European football leagues such as the EPL from the Web3 space has left many NFT enthusiasts, football fans and industry participants perplexed. Many interested parties thought that the reason for the delay in the adoption of NFTs and Web3 technology may have been because of the conservative internal policies followed by UEFA.

EPL To Finally Start Adopting NFTs

NFT is part of the Uptake Of Web 3 Technology

After a long period of cautiousness, the EPL finally made concrete steps towards adopting Web3 technology. In a shareholder’s meeting held on 8th March 2022, the 20 teams which participate in the English Premier League discussed the possibility of selling NFT rights.

Though the EPL’s NFT project is still a long way from coming to fruition, it is now a real possibility especially given the fact that the EPL management is well known for taking advantage of opportunities to make money. The only stumbling block is that the EPL has not yet decided on a blockchain system to use for its NFT project.

According to a report first published by The Telegraph, the proposed timeline within which the 20 teams in the EPL should begin releasing digital assets is 12 months. During this period, it is expected that the teams will be discussing critical details such as income distribution.

As it is, one of the biggest hindrances towards the release of the EPL NFTs is the issue of brand protection.

John Terry – a premier league legend and one of the best defenders launched a collection of NFTs known as Ape Kids Club FC but the EPL raised issues with his NFT project. This is because Terry’s NFT collection featured an image of the premier league trophy which happens to be a key brand asset of the EPL. This brand image can only be released and used after the Premier League officially offers its blessings. After Terry released his NFT collection, the league wrote to his team asking them to take down images that featured the trophy because it was used without official permission from the EPL’s management.