The Bank of America is revolutionizing staff training with the help of the metaverse and artificial intelligence in an intriguing blend of futuristic technology and good old-fashioned banking. Imagine putting on a virtual reality headset and entering a world where you can deal with irate customers or even foil a bank robbery all in a day’s work!

According to a July 13 Bloomberg story, the bank’s 2,000 new hires undergo a week-long intensive training program, including donning a VR headset and navigating several simulated scenarios. These rookies go through it all, from dealing with unhappy clients to going up against virtual crooks.

But it’s not all high-stakes drama and tense circumstances. In the metaverse, these aspiring bankers can also unwind by riding a virtual unicorn or relaxing on a peaceful beach. The training program even includes artificial intelligence, with new workers practicing chatting with customer bots while being guided by another AI bot.

bank of America Building

This cutting-edge virtual training currently benefits over 200,000 Bank of America workers worldwide. The bank’s call centers also use AI coaching bots to help employees improve their client communication abilities. Traditional teaching methods are soon becoming obsolete in the face of such novel training alternatives.

Mike Wynn, the innovation and design executive at Bank of America’s Academy, outlines the benefit of this technique, claiming that VR training causes anxiety, racing heart, and nervousness in learners. It is a novel and successful method of preparing people for real-world scenarios.

And Bank of America has no intention of stopping there. They’re even thinking about leveraging the metaverse at job fairs to engage a younger audience and highlight the joy of a banking profession. Who knew the mundane life of a bank associate could be so captivating?

In another intriguing development, former US President Donald Trump’s NFT business seems to be favoring cryptocurrencies over traditional cash. Recent disclosures filed with the Office of Government Ethics reveal that Trump’s licensing business, CIC Digital, holds next-to-nothing in its bank account, with a less than $1,000 balance.

image of NFT

Instead, it appears that CIC Digital has chosen to keep its funds on the Ethereum blockchain. Their Ethereum wallet boasts an impressive stash, ranging from $250,000 to $500,000. It seems that Trump’s NFT empire has embraced the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies with open arms.

As Trump considers a presidential run, these new financial declarations shed light on his commercial ventures. His NFT licencing company clearly sees the value of storing funds on-chain, using the power and promise of blockchain technology.

In these two stories, the merging of virtual reality instruction and cryptocurrency preferences demonstrates the intriguing interplay of cutting-edge technology and traditional industries. The future is here, and it’s full of shocks, from virtual bank robberies to Ethereum ownership!