The most recent collaboration between Gala Games and the famous TV series TWD “The Walking Dead” will see an exciting launch of the exclusive and new collection of TWD VOX Avatars. These pixelated characters are linked to another momentous moment for this zombie franchise, and in the days that follow this announcement, the owners of the “Walker Access Pass” TWD will soon find out about the actual value pertaining to their zombie flesh-biting assets.

Walking Dead VOX Characters

The collection of these VOX TWD Avatars will be available from March 28th, 2022 and includes 8,888 unique characters associated with this TV series. Each will cost a TBA (to be announced) amount of $GALA. Buyers will have no control over choosing which TWD characters they would like to include in their metaverse journeys since the identities of these VOX Avatars will remain in boxes sealed until the reveal date planned for April 7th. Walker VOX is believed to inhabit approximately 50% of these VOX boxes, and each is in different levels of decay.

Walking Dead VOX Characters logo

Perhaps more importantly, these VOX Avatars are going to have utility when it comes to the MMORPG survival game known as “Walking Dead Empires” since they have the ability to grant “passive boosts” to the gameplay statistics of not only the owner but also its allies. These buffs are going to differ and will depend on the character and rarity of a VOX TWD Avatar. Examples of these include Daryl Dixon VOX which will offer crossbow-combat buffs, while a Hershel Greene VOX will maximize the ability to craft medical items of high efficacy.