On-Chain Data Reveals Increased Activity

Bitcoin price has witnessed a week of significant fluctuations. After a brief dip below the $27,000 mark, it recovered, showcasing the resilience inherent in the world’s leading cryptocurrency. One of the most intriguing aspects of this week’s activity has been the revelations from on-chain analytics.

Santiment analytic firm highlighted a surge in Bitcoin’s on-chain activity. The data revealed a spike in dormant BTC movement and a consistent high in active addresses. In September alone, Bitcoin averaged 1.1 million active addresses daily, a number not seen since April. This uptick in on-chain activity is often a precursor to a potential bull run, indicating a robust network with increasing usage.

BTC wallet surge in Spet

Image source: Glassnode

Nomura’s Bitcoin Adoption Fund Fuels Market Optimism

Further adding to the market’s dynamism was the announcement from Nomura, Japan’s largest investment bank. They unveiled a Bitcoin Adoption Fund specifically tailored for institutional investors. This fund, developed in collaboration with Nomura’s digital asset subsidiary, Laser Digital, aims to provide long-only exposure to Bitcoin.

The market’s reaction was immediate. Bitcoin’s price surged past the $27,000 mark, making it the top trending cryptocurrency, as per Santiment data. Nomura’s move is seen as a significant endorsement, especially given the bank’s stature and its vast assets under management. Such institutional moves not only provide a boost to the cryptocurrency’s price but also to its legitimacy in traditional financial circles.

Anticipation Surrounding the Federal Reserve’s Decision

The financial world, both traditional and crypto, is currently on tenterhooks awaiting the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. Scheduled for Wednesday, 20th September 2023, this decision has the potential to introduce significant volatility into markets. However, some analysts studying the pricing of Bitcoin options believe that the Federal Reserve’s decision might not cause much turbulence in the Bitcoin market. These options suggest a modest 2.8% price movement by Friday.

The Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates has always been a topic of interest for investors. The decision is even more critical given the current economic landscape, with concerns about inflation and other macroeconomic factors. The central bank’s actions and statements can have ripple effects across various markets, including cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Price Analysis and Future Outlook

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at approximately $27,121, marking a 0.82% increase in the past 24 hours. Despite facing challenges, the cryptocurrency has shown resilience, gaining over 5% in the past week. Bitcoin’s performance remains commendable year-to-date, boasting a 65% surge since January 1, 2023.

Bitcoin price BTC price up today

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The immediate future presents a resistance at around $27,500. If Bitcoin manages to break this resistance, the market could rally, potentially pushing prices toward the $29,500 or even the coveted $30,000 zone. Conversely, if Bitcoin struggles at this resistance level, a correction might be on the horizon, with potential supports at $27,050 and $26,800.

What should crypto investors expect?

The crypto market is in a state of cautious optimism. The Federal Reserve’s impending decision on interest rates looms large, with potential implications for Bitcoin’s price trajectory. Meanwhile, institutional moves, like the launch of Nomura’s Bitcoin Adoption Fund, are likely to bolster Bitcoin’s appeal, potentially leading to increased demand and subsequent upward price pressure.

With Bitcoin’s on-chain activity showing promising signs and institutional interest on the rise, the stage is set for an eventful conclusion to the week. As stated by Ali, a renowned crypto analyst, a bull is often characterized by an increase in on-chain activity, which is what we are currently seeing with the surge in monthly average new wallets. As such, a bull run may soon resume, given the on-chain activity, as crypto investors anticipate the next Bitcoin halving happening in seven months.